Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

August 31, 2017

Wylie is offering 3,000 Gallon water tanks to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. If you know of any area that needs fresh water tanks, please read our President's letter.

We have heard that there is a need for temporary fresh water supply depots in areas of the Coastal Bend where municipal water systems are inoperable.  Wylie is shipping 3,000 gallon water tanks today to both our Corpus Christi and El Campo locations. In addition, we have portable/mobile 6,000 gallon units available there now, with more available with a days notice.

Wylie will furnish this equipment free of charge to as many local municipalities or other entities as we can for the duration of the emergency.  We are reaching out to local, county, and state officials to notify them of availability. This equipment is for NON POTABLE water only, NOT drinking water. This will be used for bathing, cleaning, etc.

We are seeking to coordinate this effort with water hauling/delivery services in the area.  If you have or know someone with these services available please email one or all of the following Wylie & Son, Inc. associates:


Scot Wylie, Corporate

Matt Duncan, Corpus Christi

Daniel Ott, El Campo


If you are a municipal, county, or state official in need of these services and equipment, use the same contact information as above.  We will work with as many of you as we can with as many resources we have available, immediately. Godspeed and God bless Texas.


Scot L. Wylie


Wylie & Son, Inc.