New Express Pressure Washer Trailer

March 15, 2017

When the job calls for an industrial quality hot pressure washer, the Wylie Express Pressure Washer Trailer is there to get it done.

Express Pressure Washer Trailer

Wylie Manufacturing has introduced the Express Pressure Washer Trailer. It is a commercial quality pressure washer that is useful for equipment washdown, building cleaning, water blasting and many other uses. 

The cleaning power comes from a Pressure-Pro hot high-pressure washer that is available in either a gas or diesel engine and triplex plunger pump with as much as 4,000 psi output. The diesel fired Beckett burner provides a 120º rise to the water for efficient cleaning. Other standard features include down-stream soap injection, 50' pressure hose and trigger gun with four color-coded spray nozzles. 

The trailer features a 500 gallon "algae-resistant" tank on a tandem axle DOT approved trailer. Other user friendly features include a 180º swivel hose reel, filler hose and wrap, anti-siphon fill, heavy duty fenders, and expanded metal accessory/chemical tray. 

Contact your nearest Wylie Spray Center for full information and economical pricing for the Wylie Express Pressure Washer Trailer or go to