New Wylie Side Mount Tank Assemblies

March 2, 2015

Increase capacity and visibility with the Wylie "Hi-Side" 300 Gal. Side Mount Tank Systems

Wylie "Hi-Side" 300 Gal. Side Mount Tanks

Wylie Manufacturing has introduced the new "Hi-Side" 300 gallon Side Mount Tank System. The "Hi-Side" 300 features a total capacity of 600 gallons to supply today's larger implements. The distinctive feature is the high mounting that places the 300 gallon elliptical tanks above the tires. No longer do you have to worry about the side mount tanks conflicting with the tires and front suspension on Case Magnum tractors. The heavy duty 7x7 frame tubes and easy cab access provide a side mount tank system for today's needs.

New mountings for John Deere tractors will be offered soon.