Wylie Introduces the Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer

May 17, 2018

Do you have pastures with weeds and brush that choke out the good grass and reduce your stocking rate? The Wylie Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer can apply the newer herbicides quickly over rough and brushy pastures.

Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer

Wylie Manufacturing recently introduced the Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer to apply a new generation of herbicides that can control weeds and brush in pastures. Many producers have suffered with reduced stocking rates due to invasive weeds and brush. 

The Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer is loaded with features to make spraying rough and brushy pastures efficient, effective and profitable. Such as:
•  Tractor style tires (11.2-24), heavy duty axle and struts that provide high clearance and durablility against thorns and rocks.
•  Extender Boom with a combination of flat fan and Boom Buster nozzles for a 42' spray swath but only an 11' boom -- coverage without getting hung up in brush.
•  500 gallon elliptical tank that can carry enough chemical for hours of application.
•  4x6 axle, 6" channel iron frame, and adjustable clevis hitch for durability over rough terrain.
•  Choice of electric or manual controls. 
•  For open pastures or field spraying, a 45' "8420" boom is available. If desired, Boom Buster nozzles can be fitted to the end of the "8420" boom for a total swath of up to 75'. (Raven 450 automatic controller required.) 

Follow the link for more information and pricing of the Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer.