TeeJet Offers EPA Approved Spray Tip for Dicamba

The Turbo TeeJet Induction (TTI) nozzle is the ultimate drift control spray tip.

  • Application Requirements:
  • Nozzles that produce Ultra Coarse (UC) droplets
  • Spray volume of 10 gpa or greater
  • Boom height no higher than 24 inches above crop canopy
  • Maximum ground speed of 15 mph
  • Apply when wind speed is between 3 and 10 mph and avoid temperature inversions
  • Use triple-rinse procedure to ensure proper sprayer cleanout
  • Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) should not be combined with XtendiMax™

The Turbo TeeJet Induction nozzle has been approved by the EPA for application of XtendiMax (Monsanto) and Engenia (BASF) on Dicamba tolerant crops. As RoundUp resistant weeds have evolved, the control of weeds such as morningglory, marestail, pigweed and Palmer amaranth have become more difficult.

The development of Dicamba tolerant crops (cotton and soybeans) allow producers to apply XtendiMax or Engenia herbicides.

The difficulty lies in applying these herbicides in an accurate, precise and responsible manner. At this time (Jan. 2017) the Turbo TeeJet Induction spray nozzle (TTI11004-VP) is the only nozzle that has been EPA approved to apply XtendiMax and Engenia. Specific application parameters for rate, speed, pressure, wind speed and boom height are detailed in the attached documents. Click on the link above to see these documents.

The Wylie and Case IH sprayers with TeeJet nozzle bodies can provide the total sprayer package to accurately and precisely apply all of your crop management materials. 

All of the Wylie Spray Centers will be stocking the TTI11004-VP spray tips and accompanying caps in quantities to cover your needs.

Go to www.teejet.com/xtend and http://agproducts.basf.us/campaigns/engenia/ for more information. 



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