Case IH Agriculture Case IH Cotton Express 620 Picker

The Case IH Cotton Express 620 features a 6 row adjustable header and 4.5 ton capacity basket

  • 6 Row
  • Vertical unload
  • 340 hp Cummins engine
  • 200 gallon fuel tank
  • High capacity basket (4.5 tons)

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The Case IH Cotton Express 620 Picker means efficiency, productivity and comfort. Harvest your cotton in a comfortable cab with ergonomic controls, patented emergency system and pillar display. The dual side picking system efficiently picks the cotton from the stalk, even in high yield cotton. 

The Cotton Express 620 utilizes boll buggies and module builders that many farmers already have. The basket is emptied by being lifted in a vertical position. Center of gravity does not change, less tension is provided on the machine's frame and wheels, and machine balance is not affected. This allows unloading without risk of turnover even on sloped fields.

Demanding conditions require productive equipment. The 340 hp engine has the power for high-yield cotton. The 200 gallon fuel tank assures full day operation without taking time to refuel. The high capacity basket can carry as much as 4.5 tons of cotton. 

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