Case IH Agriculture Case IH Early Riser Planters

Case IH Early Riser Planters
Higher Yielding Stands Begin with Early, Even Emergence

Case IH Early Riser Planters are designed based on sound agronomic principles and extensive customer input. Our planters regularly work long days, providing accurate and consistent seed placement, while maintaining productive efficiency with simple adjustments, fewer required stops, and hassle-free transport from field to field. They offer the accuracy and flexibility you need, providing season after season better stands, more uniform emergence, accurate populations, and in the end, higher yields..

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Getting early, even emergence starts with getting the seed into the soil with all the consistency modern engineering can provide. That's because accurate seed populations, precise seed depth control, uniform soil pressure and consistent in-row spacing are key to achieving the early, even emergence, giving you increased productivity.

When the weather clears and your optimum planting window opens, your planter has to be ready to take advantage of the time you have. The ideal planter lets you move quickly and easily from field to field, offers intuitive operation with fewer, simpler adjustments and allows you the flexibility you need to speed up planting while maintaining seed placement accuracy when bad weather is on the horizon.

Case IH Early Riser planters are built strong to work as hard as you do, all day long and over multiple planting seasons. They're designed to be nimble and flexible, with fewer and easier adjustments, so they won't slow you down. Plus, features like our new and improved bulk fill system ensure less frequent stops.

Wylie Implement and Spray Centers offers the full line of Case IH tractors and equipment across Texas through ten Wylie Implement stores from Amarillo to Brownsville.  The Case IH Early Riser Planters provide precise placement, durability, and ease of operation. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Case IH Early Riser Planters.