Case IH Agriculture Case IH Trident 5550 Combination Applicator

The Case IH Trident 5550 is designed to be changed from a liquid to dry applicator in as little as 42 minutes. Easily change liquid and dry for better asset utilization and improved ROI.

  • True combination applicator: designed to run liquid or dry
  • Fuel-efficient power: Tier 4B/Final engine
  • High-capacity applicators: 1,000 gal. liquid tank or 330 cu ft dry bin
  • Superior technology: available with AIM Command Flex
  • Factory integrated dual tires
  • Precise dry application: OptionalNew Leader dry spinner box

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DCover more acres
Case IH engineered the Trident 5550 from the ground up to help you maximize returns on every acre and from every dollar you invest in application equipment. A single chassis that’s rugged — yet nimble enough — to handle liquid and dry applications lets you get across more acres at the right time.

Liquid & Dry Application
The Trident 5550 gives you the flexibility in a single piece of equipment to meet the demands of timely fertilizer applications and on-demand treatments for all types of pests. The latest precision application technology helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently across three seasons of use.

Fast Change-Over
How valuable is a combination applicator that takes the better part of the day to convert? With the Trident 5550, you can spend your morning spreading a highly customized nutrient package, and then over the course of not much more than an extended coffee break, be ready to put down a preplant herbicide in the afternoon.

The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator embodies High-Efficiency Farming: efficient use of time, resources and inputs. And today, maximizing yield potential requires a more specialized approach to feeding and protecting. The Trident 5550 meets those demands across three seasons of use — preplant, postemerge, postharvest.

The Wylie Spray Centers are ready to help you select the options that you need to customize the Trident 5550 for your requirements. Contact your nearest Wylie Spray Center.

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