Wylie Cone Tanks


Wylie 3,000 Gal. Cone Tanks are used to store fertilizer, ag chemicals or water and other non-petroleum fluids.

  • 3,000 Gallon capacity
  • 15ยบ Cone reduces height while providing full clean-out
  • 1.5 Specific Gravity tank holds 12 lb/gal fluids (Available in 1.9 S.G as well)
  • 3" Bulkhead fitting
  • 18" Manway lid
  • Available with single skids, single, double or triple trailers
  • For Pricing, call Wylie Spray Center or 888-788-7753

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The Wylie Cone Tank easily holds 3,000 gallons of fertilizer, chemicals or water in a stationary skid or portable trailer. The 15º cone allows total cleanout. Dimensions of 91" diameter and 122" height allow the tank to be mounted on a trailer without worrying about being higher than legal height. The Cone Trailers are moved empty to the site. The frame is lowered to the ground and the tanks filled through the 3" quick couple. When the tanks are empty and ready for transport, the frame is raised with the hand-operated hydraulic pump and the lock bar is slid into position. The Wylie Cone Trailers are excellent solutions to the problem of providing portable fertilizer or water storage.

Wylie offers many styles of poly tanks for sale. The Wylie Polyethylene Cone Tanks are used in agriculture and industry for many non-petroleum applications. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Poly Cone Tanks.

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