Wylie Coulter Applicator Trailer

The Wylie Coulter Fertilizer Applicator Trailer can apply your fertilizer quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Choose from the high pressure injection system or the low pressure knife system. Either system can place the fertilizer in the root zone for maximum plant availability.

  • 1,000 Gallon elliptical tank
  • Available as 8 Row - 40", 12 Row - 30", or 12 Row - 40"
  • John Blue NGP7055 ground drive piston pump
  • Low pressure knife or high pressure injection application
  • 4x6 tubular steel frame

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The Wylie Coulter Fertilizer Applicator Trailer combines the features that you need to accurately apply liquid fertilizer on your farm. The swivel coulter assemblies are protected by poly springs and are mounted on a 1x3 shank. Two coulter styles are available, injection or knife. The injection coulter features a 24" smooth coulter that slices a thin slot into which fertilizer is injected under high pressure into the root zone. The knife coulter features a 20" rippled coulter that cuts a slot for the knife. Fertlilizer is placed at the knife depth at low pressure. The heavy duty 4x6 frame folds for easy transport. The John Blue NGP7055 ground drive piston pump and distribution system accurately meters the correct amount of fertilizer to each coulter. 

A variety of configurations are available. Choose from an 8 row - 40" or 12 row - 30" model (W1701-1000-C). Also available is a 12 row - 40" model (W1701-1000-C-12). The 1,000 gallon elliptical tank provides the carrying capacity needed to complete the job with minimum downtime. 

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural spraying products. The Pull Type Fertilizer Applicator applies fertilizer evenly and efficiently. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Coulter Lilquid Applicator Trailer.

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