Wylie Coulter Fertilizer Applicators


The Wylie 3 Point Coulter Fertilizer Applicators combine with a Hi-Rise trailer or side mount tanks for a complete liquid fertilizer applicator.

  • 24" coulters w/injector nozzles or
  • 20" coulters with fertilizer knives
  • John Blue piston pump
  • 8-40" row or 12-30" row unit

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Wylie manufactures two styles of liquid coulter applicators, a knife unit and an injection unit. Both units are mounted on a heavy duty double 4x4 fertilizer toolbar and include a hitch for pulling a Hi-Rise trailer. Most 3 point coulter rigs use a ground drive John Blue metering pump for accurate applications. The coulter assembly is protected by poly springs and mounted on a 1x3 shank. The injection unit utilizes a 24" smooth coulter that slice a thin slot into which fertilizer is injected under high pressure into the ground. The knife unit (as pictured) features a 20" rippled coulter that cuts a slot for the knife. Fertilizer is placed at the knife depth at low pressure. A variety of knife styles are available. Choose from a 1,250/1,600 gal. Hi-Rise Steerable trailer or a 1,025 gal. Hi-Rise Trailer. The Steerable trailers feature articulated steering to keep the trailer in the furrow. The John Blue piston pump can be mounted on the tool bar or the Hi-Rise trailer.

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural application products. The Wylie Coulter Fertilizer Applicator places fertilizer right in the growing zone. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Coulter Liquid Fertilizer Applicator.

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