Wylie Diesel Spot Sprayer


The Wylie Diesel Spot Sprayer fits easily into a utility vehicle or pickup to control weeds or invasive brush and trees. The Diesel Spot Sprayer allows you to use diesel fuel as a carrier for herbicides for more effective chemical application.

  • 15, 25, or 50 Gallon Sizes
  • Diesel Compatible Crosslinked Resin
  • Convenient Carrying Handle Molded
  • Into Tank
  • Heavy Duty Brass Hardware
  • 12 Volt Remco Pump
  • Spray From Pickup, Tractor, ATV

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The Wylie Diesel Spot Sprayers are just the right answer for producers needing a spot sprayer that is compatible with diesel as a chemical carrier. The tanks are constructed of a crosslinked resin that will not break down with continual exposure to diesel as will linear resins. All of the fittings, hose and pump are also designed to work with diesel. The sprayer is powered by a 12 volt Remco pump with a maximum output of 1.8 GPM. The pump features a pressure switch that shuts the pump off when the trigger is released. The heavy duty brass trigger gun, adjustable nozzle and 17’ of fuel hose make the Diesel Spot Sprayer a rugged sprayer for any operation.

Wylie provides a wide array of ag spray equipment. Wylie Diesel Spot Sprayer controls a wide variety of weeds and invasive trees. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Diesel Spot Sprayer.