Wylie Express Water Wagon/Pressure Washer

One trailer provides a platform for two important jobs -- dust abatement and pressure washing. All the features of the popular Wylie Express Water Wagon with the addition of a powerful cold pressure washer system.

  • Dust Abatement -- 2” Tsurumi Transfer Pump w/4 HP Honda
  • Dust Abatement -- Dual Nozzle Spraybar/25’ Swath
  • Dust Abatement -- 20’x2” Suction Hose; 25’x1½” Firehose
  • Pressure Washer -- Triplex Pump 3 GPM@2,700 PSI/ 5 HP Honda
  • Pressure Washer -- Hand Crank Reel on Swivel Mount; 25’ Hose
  • Pressure Washer -- Trigger Gun w/4 nozzles
  • Pressure Washer -- Downstream Low Pressure Soap Application

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The Wylie Express Water Wagon/Pressure Washer can cover two of your pressing needs -- dust abatement and pressure washing; all with one trailer.

A 3 GPM@2,700 PSI cold pressure washer has been added to the popular Express Water Wagon. A hand crank high-pressure hose reel is mounted on a swivel mount to easily manage the 25' pressure hose. Soap is applied with a low pressure nozzle from a downstream venturi.

The dust abatement function of the Express Water Wagon is equipped with the 2" Tsurumi pump, 4 HP Honda engine, 25' swath spray bar, 25' firehose, 20' suction hose and anti-siphon fill.

Wylie offers a wide array of industrial, commercial and agricultural fluid handling equipment and sprayers. The Wylie Express Water Wagon/Pressure Washer is just one of the products that offer year-round versatility. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Express Water Wagon/Pressure Washer.