Wylie Fire Control Water Wagon


The Wylie "Fire Control" Water Wagon can help you protect your cotton gin from module or bale fires or your ranch from grass fires. This water trailer can be used for many other purposes as well.

  • 500, 800 or 1,025 gallon "Algae Resistant" black tank
  • 2" Ball hitch is adjustable for level towing
  • Safety chains and 2,000 lb jack
  • Tandem surge brakes do not require special connections
  • 4 hp Honda engine & 2" Tsurumi pump
  • 20' x 2" PVC fill hose with pond strainer and foot valve; with fire hydrant adapter
  • 25' x 1½" fire hose and adjustable nozzle
  • Optional 25' x ¾" rubber hose and trigger gun
  • Galvanized 2" suction and discharge manifolds with brass ball valves
  • Heavy duty 6" channel iron frame
  • 15" tires and spring axles
  • Opaque black 500 gallon poly tank prevents algae growth (must protect system from freezing)
  • Curbside fillwell makes servicing the tank easy and safe
  • Trailer is not DOT approved
  • Is not equipped with lights or fenders
  • Designed for off-road use
  • DOT approved models are available as well

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The Wylie "Fire Control" Water Wagon is a versatile unit for fighting not only grass and cotton module/bale fires but so much more as well. The 500, 800 or 1,025 gallon "Algae Resistant" black tank will have you prepared for emergencies. Simply fill the tank and the 4 hp Honda engine and 2" Tsurumi pump along with a 25' fire hose and nozzle will equip you with the means of preventing a small emergency from becoming a large one. The "Fire Control" Water Wagon is a water trailer that can also be used for transporting water to livestock in drought areas, watering trees and other landscape, controlling dust on ranch roads (with optional spray bar) and spraying livestock. The "Fire Control" Water Wagon can be filled with a water hose, from a fire hydrant, or a 2" fill hose using the pump and motor. The fill hose can be dropped into a pond or tank. The pump will fill the 500 gallon tank in about 5 minutes. The "Fire Control" Water Wagon is also useful around the gin for washing mud from module trucks, controlling dust in the gin yard (with optional spray bar), and other maintenance jobs. (Water trailers stored with water in them to be prepared for emergencies should be kept in protected area to prevent freezing.)

Wylie provides an extensive range of industrial, commercial and agricultural fluid handling equipment and sprayers. The Wylie "Fire Control" Water Wagon is just one of the versatile products that fills a need across several industries. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie "Fire Control" Water Wagon.