Wylie Front Mount Tank for New Holland Tractor

The 200 gallon front mount tank assembly fits easily on the New Holland TS6.120 tractor with the hi-clearance tires.

  • 200 gallon elliptical tank
  • Retains tractor weights in assembly
  • Ace hydraulic 206 pump

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Vegetable and specialty crop growers need a hi-clearance tractor with a front mount tank to properly manage their crops. The New Holland TS6.120 tractor with 320/90R46 tires is the right size and clearance for vegetable growers. The Wylie W4275 front mount tank assembly easily mounts to the TS6.120 hi-clearance tractor. The 200 gallon elliptical tank and frame maintains the ground clearance as well as the utilization of the headlights. 

An Ace hydraulic 206 pump mounts inside the frame to provide a neat, full front mount package. The tractor weights and weight mount are incorporated into the Wylie front mount frame for proper weight distribution even when the tank is empty. The front mount assembly is rated to carry 12 lb/gal fertilizer (2,400 lb payload). 

Note: The 320/90R46 tires require the use of 2¾" donut spacers (included) on the steering cylinders to prevent the tire from contacting the front mount frame. Turning radius with the spacers is 223". 

Wylie Implement and Spray Centers offers the New Holland TS6.120 Hi-Clearance tractor with the Wylie 200 gallon Front Mount Tank across the Rio Grande Valley of Texas through Wylie Implement stores in Raymondville and Edinburg. New Holland TS6.120 Tractors provide pure power and ultimate efficiency for multi-task farmers. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Front Mount Tank system.