Wylie Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer

Do your pastures require a heavy duty sprayer with high clearance and a boom that can work in brush, but still cover the acres quickly? The Heavy Duty HCS-500 with the Extender Boom can be the sprayer that you need for improved pastures and higher profitability.

  • Tractor style tires (11.2-24) with heavy duty hubs and struts
  • Extender boom sprays up to 42’ swath
  • Row crop 45’ “8420” boom is also available
  • 500 gallon elliptical tank
  • 6 inch channel iron frame
  • 60” or 80” wheel spacing
  • Manual or electric controls
  • Ace hydraulic centrifugal pump

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Invasive weeds and brush can reduce the stocking rate and lower the productivity and profitability of your ranch. Recent developments in pasture herbicides give producers the weapons to fight the weeds and brush to improve their pastures. The problem is finding a durable trailer sprayer that can cover rough, brushy pastures in a timely manner without getting a wide boom hung up in the brush. 

The Wylie Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Trailer Sprayer was built for just this situation. The tractor style tires (11.2-24) can more easily handle thorns and rocks while the higher axle clearance (28.5") can clear much of the brush. 

The Extender boom features seven flat fan nozzles on 20" spacing, with a Boom Buster nozzle on each end. The total spray swath is as much as 42' (depending on wind condtions). The Extender boom is equipped with 36" wings with poly breakaway springs which protect the boom and allow for narrow transport. 

Other heavy duty features include 4x6 axle, 6" channel iron frame, adjustable clevis hitch and a 500 gallon elliptical tank. 

The Heavy Duty HCS-500 can be equipped with electric or manual controls and an Ace centrifugal pump. For open pastures and/or field spraying, the Heavy Duty HCS-500 can be equipped with a 45' "8420" boom for more precise application. The "8420" can be fitted with optional Boom Buster nozzles on each end to extend the spray swath to as much as 75' (requires Raven 450 automatic controller). 

Wylie Manufacturing offers a full line of agricultural sprayers. Request a quote, call, or go by any Wylie Spray Center today to order your Heavy Duty HCS-500 Pasture Sprayer. 

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