Intelli-Hitch Intelli-Hitch

Intelli-Hitch is the brake control in the hitch. The world's first and only brake controller embedded into a hitch! A high precision world class brake controller unrivaled in the industry. High quality, durable, and made in Texas. No learning involved. Just Intelli-Hitch and GO!

  • 2" or 2 5/16" ball
  • 2" or 2½" shank
  • Microprocessor built into the hitch
  • 9" height adjustability

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The Intelli-Hitch is automatic trailer brake control in the hitch. A microprocessor is embedded into the hitch to apply proportional brake in response to movement of the cargo. Unlike traditional brake controllers, there is no sweet spot, there is no gain switch, there are no settings to worry about, just precise and exact proportional braking. That means if you need to feather brake or SLAM on the brake... that's exactly what's delivered to the trailer. 

The Intelli-Hitch can be mounted on the trailer as is standard on some Wylie trailers or optional on many others, or it can be mounted on the truck receiver hitch. Either way you get the same automatic brake control. 

The Intelli-Hitch has the unique "Hill Assist" feature that automatically applies just the right amount of brake when descending a hill. The trailer brake is applied proportionately with the vehicle brake. No more one-handed driving while you ramp up and down on the controller. Additionally, the brakes are not burned out on long downhill runs as can happen with surge brakes. 

Another unique feature of the Intelli-Hitch is controlling surge in tank trailers. Tank trailers, especially when partially full, can surge making pulling the trailer uncomfortable and less than safe for the driver. The Intelli-Hitch senses the surging and automatically applies or releases the brake to dampen that movement so that it is not felt by the driver. 

Wylie Implement and Spray Centers offers a wide array of industrial, commercial and agricultural fluid handling equipment and sprayers. The Intelli-Hitch can be in integral part of any DOT trailer for superior, automatic trailer brake control.  Contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Intelli-Hitch.