Wylie Lawn and Garden Tanks


Wylie L&G tanks are certainly great as spray tanks for lawn & garden sprayers, but are very useful in many ag, industrial and commercial applications.

  • Inserts molded into bottom of tank for bolting to a base.
  • Bands are also available
  • Hose wrap molded into tank
  • White or 'Algae resistant' Black
  • Available in Diesel compatible Crosslink Material 'Natural only'
  • For Pricing, call Wylie Spray Center or 888-788-7753

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The Lawn and Garden tanks are a favorite for the small jobs. They can be set up as Spot Sprayers with several different electric pumps. They can be mounted on the back of your 4 wheeler. We have a special trailer for the 15 or 25 gallon tank. Booms- from 80 inches to 27 feet - are available on selected applications. The 50 and 100 gallon tanks are available on a 3 point carrier (PTO pump) - with a boom or broadcast sprayer nozzle. These L&G tanks are also used extensively in pest control, turf/landscaping, and the oil field. We also make the tanks in a Diesel compatible cross link material. Diesel pumps, hose and gun make a ideal spot sprayer for diesel based chemicals. Complete listing of these products can be found in Section 3 of the Catalog (Lawn & Garden Utility Sprayers).

Wylie offers a wide array of poly tank styles. The Wylie Lawn and Garden tanks are used in agriculture and industry for many applications. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Lawn and Garden tanks.

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