MacDon MacDon Combine Headers

Wylie is offering the full line of MacDon headers. We have headers available for all combine brands.

  • Available in draper and flexdraper models
  • Smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding
  • Active float system
  • Close reel to cutterbar relationship
  • 4 adjustable cam positions for varying crop conditions

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The MacDon D65 Draper Header is designed to deliver outstanding straight cut performance, especially when faced with tough harvesting conditions. Low podding, downed, tangled, or even lodged crops; whatever the harvesting situation the MacDon D65 Draper Header excels. Combining or swathing, the D65 is a true multi-crop harvesting solution. This “Can Do” attitude delivered with MacDon reliability and performance, is the reason why MacDon Draper Headers are a great fit for so many of today’s operations.

The MacDon FD75 FlexDraper® is our latest innovation in FlexDraper technology. Even at maximum flex our fixed reel to cutter bar relationship stays true, maintaining a consistently small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar. This close reel to cutter bar relationship results in smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that significantly boosts combine productivity. That means you get up to 45’ (13.7m) of true ground following characteristics that won’t compromise performance.

Most combine headers perform well in perfect harvesting conditions, but when was the last time you had perfect conditions? MacDon FlexDraper®and Draper Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations, from our Active Float System that keeps our headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding performance of our reel. Available in sizes up to 13.7 m (45'), MacDon combine drapers are built tough to deliver worry-free harvesting performance with any crop, in any, any condition, and on any combine.

Contact the Wylie Implement and Spray Center in Abilene, Amarillo, Munday, Plainview and Raymondville for more information about the MacDon combine headers. Wylie has MacDon headers available for all combine brands.

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