Miller Miller Nitro Sprayer

See your world without ever looking back with the Miller Nitro Applicator. The front mount boom allows you to see every nozzle. The 6' clearance means that you can apply late season while the optional 4-wheel steer options lets you turn on a dime.

  • 1,200, 1,400, or 1,600 gallon spray tank
  • 90' or 120' MonoBeam boom; up to 135' Truss Boom
  • 22"-126" boom height adjustment
  • Ultra-quiet cab with air ride
  • 50/50 weight distribution
  • 72"-76" ground clearance
  • 310, 345, or 400 hp Cummins Tier 4B engine
  • Raven Viper 4+ spray control

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Comfort Zone - See your world without ever looking back

Operator comfort was a top priority in the Nitro Series, and the all-new SprayView and Premium SprayView cabs prove it. When you settle into the high-back adjustable seat, you’ll appreciate how quiet it is in the air-ride cab, with the engine noise isolated out behind the tank. With the comfort of the air-ride seat and having each control right at your fingertips with the multi-function joystick, armrest command center, and Miller Systems Monitor, your long days will seem shorter.

Sight lines are superior – you’ll see each and every boom tip without straining, as well as your front tires while entering crop rows.

Other superior features of the pressurized heated and air-conditioned cab include active charcoal filtration with an in-cab secondary filter, an instructional seat, AM/FM and weather band, auxiliary power outlets, a tilting and telescoping steering column, and a windshield wiper with washer. Premium options include a Grammer Evolution suede leather seat with heating and cooling, automatic climate control, Bluetooth XM radio, and much more.

A spray configuration that's right for you

The Nitro offers tank and boom options that are sure to increase your productivity.

Start with the tank, ranging from 1000 to 1600 gallon capacities with poly and stainless steel options. A 150 gallon rinse tank can be controlled manually or electronically from in the cab, with enough water to properly rinse the entire product system.

Our variable-speed Hypro® centrifugal pump operates only at the level it needs to deliver your target rate, saving horsepower and preserving pump life.

When it comes to the boom choices, they have to match the ruggedness and durability of the Nitro. That’s why the booms are constructed from high-strength steel in a unique MonoBeam Boom design 60’ all the way up to 120’ wide and Truss Boom from 120', 132' and 135'.

Precision options to maximize your productivity

Your new Nitro can be factory-equipped with Raven® Filed Computers and precision farming equipment to help you maximize your application efficiency.

The Raven® Viper 4+ Field computer can be factory installed and gives you features such as multiple product controlling, full mapping and data logging, AccuBoom automatic boom section control, AutoBoom automatic boom height control, as well as SmarTrax auto steer. Miller also offers Raven®’s  DGPS receivers with sub-meter to sub-inch accuracy options.

IntelliSpray nozzle control system is available factory installed and includes features like Turn Compensation, 36 virtual nozzle body sections, instant on/off and in cab diagnostics.  Individual nozzle control can be added at any time without additional hardware.

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