RBR Enterprise RBR Vortex 380

Vortex 380

Performance was our starting line, the all new Vortex 380 sprayer has been engineered with productivity and longevity in mind. With the highest capacity of any row crop sprayer on the market, proven ruggedness of our RBR chassis, and the latest in sprayer technology, the all new Vortex offers professional applicators one of the most efficient sprayers on the market.

  • 1,600 or 2,000 product tank
  • Automated load station valves with one touch operation
  • 4-way dampening center rack
  • Boom recirculation system
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The Vector Vortex covers more acres in a day to maximize your return on investment.  With a large 1,600 or 2,000 gallon product tank, boom options ranging from 90ft. to 132ft., and one of the lightest foot-prints in the market, the Vector Vortex is designed for unmatched effiiciency.

  • A variety of boom configurations to fit your operations, stainless steel boom plumbing and recessed nozzle bodies within the boom structure for greater protection.
  • The Vector Vortex is available with the latest in sprayer technology, like auto-height control, individual nozzle control, and direct injection to increase your efficiency in the field.
  • All units are equipped with an ISO hydraulic quick-connect bulkhead for a clean and seamless change from the liquid system to a dry spinner box.
  • Robust center section designed to withstand the most severe field conditions while offering years of trouble-free use.  Mechanical dampeners dissipate the effects of cornering and heavy duty dampening cushions help control the center rack.