Wylie Rental Express Combo Trailer

Call Wylie Implement anytime you need to rent a Wylie "Express" Combo Trailer for your construction or drilling site. The "Express" Combo Trailer provides water, power and light for offices and RV's on drilling and construction sites. Wylie offers delivery and pick-up to keep you productive at your job site. Our rental rates are competitive, our service is responsive.

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The Wylie  "Express" Combo trailer is a DOT approved trailer that provides water, power and light to construction and oil field worksites and camps. There is no longer any need to rent a water trailer and a generator trailer and a light trailer for your mobile office and RV's. The Wylie "Express" Combo Trailer can supply all your needs. The 500 gallon tank provides water while the 20 kW generator and 25' light tower provides electricity and light. A 240 gallon fuel tank keeps the generator running for up to 300 hours. An optional freeze protection module protects all of the water components in cold weather. All the water components of this non-certified trailer are rated for potable water.

Contact a Wylie equipment specialist for more information about renting a Wylie  "Express" Combo Trailer.