Capstan Ag Systems SharpShooter Automatic Pressure Control


The SharpShooter is an automatic pressure control kit that is accurate at any speed. The SharpShooter includes solenoids at each tip to control flow and to maintain a constant pressure.

  • An extended speed range over conventional spray technology –8:1 vs. 2:1
  • Optimum chemical performance and coverage
  • Reduce drift potential with on-the-go pressure control
  • Variable rate applications through a single tip
  • Less operator fatigue
  • Fewer tips and easier tip selection
  • More acres, fewer hours or both

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SharpShooter uses Blended Pulse­™ technology featuring Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to maintain constant sprayer pressure no matter what rate or speed your sprayer is travelling. SharpShooter's unique ability to control pressure and rate provides an unprecedented operational range for your sprayer. SharpShooter allows up to an 8:1 speed range which means you can choose one tip that can apply from 3 mph to 24 mph while still maintaining constant pressure, rate and droplet size.

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