Wylie Side Mount Tank Systems


The Wylie Side Mount Spray Tanks can supply your spray boom, planter or cultivator with ag spray chemicals or fertilizer.
Wylie features the "Hi-Side" 300 or 400 Gal. Side Mount Tank System for Case IH Magnum tractors. Mountings for John Deere are available as well.

  • Dual 300 or 400 gallon elliptical tanks
  • Dual 200 or 250 gallon wedge style tanks

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Wylie Manufacturing is featuring the "Hi-Side" 300 and 400 gallon Side Mount Tank System with total capacities of 600 or 800 gallons respectively to supply today's larger implements. The distinctive feature is the high mounting that places the 300 and 400 gallon elliptical tanks above the tires. No longer do you have to worry about the side mount tanks conflicting with the tires and front suspension on Case Magnum tractors. The heavy duty 7x7 frame tubes and easy cab access provide a side mount tank system for today's needs. The 300 gallon tank assemblies are rated for 11.5 lb/gal. fertilizer. The 400 gallon tank assemblies are rated for 8.3 lb/gal water based chemicals. 

The "Hi-Side" 300 and 400 Gallon Side Mount systems are available for John Deere as well. The side mount frame is designed to allow access to the air filter on the 8000 series tractors.

Wylie Side Mount Tanks are also available in 200 or 250 gallon sizes for total capacity of up to 500 gallons. The 200 and 250 gallon tanks are wedge style tanks that mount perpendicular to the tractor on a heavy duty 6” tube frame. The tanks and frames can be removed during the off-season without having to remove the frame mounts. Combine the Side Mount Spray Tanks with the Wylie Spray Wyng II boom or Row Wyng spray boom. 

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural sprayer products. The Wylie Side Mount Spray Tanks supply spray booms, planters and cultivators. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Side Mount Tank Systems.

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