Wylie Sponge Weed Wiper

The Smucker Sponge Weed Wiper has been combined with a Wylie boom for an effective weapon against weeds. Choose between a Wylie 3 point sprayer mount or a front mount for your Smucker Sponge Weed Wiper.

  • 30' boom length
  • 50 Gallon poly tank
  • 12 Volt Flojet pump
  • Smucker Sponge Weed Wiper
  • 3 Point or Front Mount Option
  • Optional hydraulic fold

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The Sponge Weed Wiper is a simple, efficient and economical solution to controlling weeds in a growing crop. It is especially useful in fighting against Round-Up resistant pigweed/carelessweed. Wylie has 2 options for your Sponge Weed Wiper mounting - the 3 Point Mount or the Front Mount.

The 3 Point Sponge Weed Wiper has a 30' boom assembly with a Smucker Weed Wiper Kit to attach to the back of your tractor. The Front Mount Sponge Weed Wiper attaches easily to the front of your tractor with a 30' boom. The Smucker Sponge weed wiper is superior to rope wicks and carpet wicks with the uniform distribution of herbicide along the complete boom.

The Wylie Sponge Weed Wiper is also available with a hydraulic fold kit for use in terraces. Each fold hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a separate hydraulic circuit to make the precise setting the Weed Wiper wings easy. 

The basic design of the Smucker Weed Wiper is also very important in hilly or terraced fields. The pressurized system and the independent charging of each 30" sponge section, results in the consistent and uniform saturation of chemical across the boom when the unit is operated on hillsides or terraces. 

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural spraying products through our Implement and Spray Center stores across Texas and Oklahoma. Clean up your fields with the Wylie 3-Point or Front Mount Sponge Weed Wiper. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Sponge Weed Wiper.