Wylie Spray Wyng II Boom

The foundation of the Wylie Premium Sprayer line-up is the Spray Wyng II boom. The structure, strength and flexibility of the Spray Wyng II allow for fast and precise application of ag chemicals.

  • Available in 108, 100, 90, 80, and 60 foot lengths
  • Mounted on trailers or 3 point
  • All-Directional suspension dampens motion in 3 dimensions
  • Auto-reset breakaways

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The SPRAY WYNG II features an “All Directional” suspension with the boom mounted on a spherical bearing to allow controlled movement. 

The SPRAY WYNG II design principle is that the boom maintains a parallel position with the spray surface, as well as a perpendicular position with the line of travel, at speeds of up to 15 mph over rough terrain.  The SPRAY WYNG II applicator line is designed to allow the grower timely, high-speed, and accurate application while eliminating costly application fees.  To understand the underlying design principal, it is important to be familiar with three basic terms of movement:  Lift, Yaw & Roll.

Up-and-down movement. This movement causes “bounce” and is controlled by the nitrogen filled accumulator on the Hi-Lift linkage.

Movement of boom wings horizontally in opposite directions.  As the rig speeds up, slows down, or turns, the boom wings will tend to “whip” fore and aft.  This movement again can be very stressful on a rigid structure.  Yaw movement is also very detrimental to the spray pattern.  The yaw movement is controlled by poly springs and bumpers.

Movement of boom wings vertically in opposite directions.  As the rig moves through uneven terrain, it will “roll” similarly to a ship in an uncalm sea.  This effect is multiplied tremendously throughout the boom, as gravity tries to force the boom to remain level.  As one end drops, the opposite end rises.  The more rigid the structure, the greater the stress.  The Spray Wyng II boom pivots on the spherical bearing and is dampened with springs to eliminate much of this stress.  This mechanism also functions as the levelling device.  The SPRAY WYNG II BOOM WILL MAINTAIN A CONSTANT LEVEL SPRAY PLANE AT HIGH SPEEDS WITHOUT ENSUING STRUCTURAL OR CROP DAMAGE.

In addition, the Spray Wyng II boom can be tilted on either end to clear obstructions or to follow the contour such as terraces. Other features include auto-reset shock breakaways, single side fold, and high lift linkage. 

Contact your nearest Wylie Spray Center for full details. They can provide expert advise on the precise configuration you need in your spray system.