The Handler The Handler

The Handler is a proprietary line of ag chemical handling systems that enables quick, easy and safe mixing and loading of agricultural chemicals into sprayers, airplanes and hauling tank systems.

  • Available in four (4) convenient sizes – 15, 42, 70 & 230 US gallons
  • Handles liquid, dry and bulk product
  • Built-in bulk handling capability
  • Fill your sprayer fast, safely and effectively
  • Patented knife system to maximize mixing speed and minimize waste
  • Ensures safe disposal of chemicals and minimizes exposure.
  • Fresh water rinse line for equipment cleanup and line rinsing
  • Weatherproof, UV resistant black hose throughout
  • Dedicated, venturi powered bulk suction line
  • Exclusive double venturi for easy emptying of bulk containers
  • 3” seamless Handler bypass offers the highest volume bypass flow yet!

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One of the biggest headaches in agricultural spraying is getting your crop protection products safely loaded, mixed and transported to the sprayer in as little time as possible, with safety in mind and contact with the product minimized.  The Handler accomplished this.

Available in 4 sizes and proven in tens of thousands of farms from across the world, The Handler reduces the time that it takes to properly load and mix a sprayer.  The key to a successful spraying operation is spending less time loading ag chemicals and more time spraying, without sacrificing safety.  With the Handler safety, speed and effectiveness are combined into a single unit that will quickly become the lifeblood of your spraying operation.

Wylie Spray Centers offers The Handler ag chemical mix systems through our Implement and Spray Center stores across Texas and Oklahoma. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the The Handler ag chemical handling systems.

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