Trimble Trimble FmX Integrated Display


The Trimble FmX Integrated Display is the centerpiece of your ag spraying operation.

  • Available accuracies for the FmX display:
  • WAAS 6"-8"
  • OmniSTAR XP 3"-5"
  • OmniSTAR HP 2"-4"
  • RTK 1"
  • GLONASS 1"

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The Trimble FmX Integrated Display is a versatile, affordable display that can adapt to the changes in technology. Control up to 48 individual rows with the Field-IQ crop input control system and easy to install Tru count clutches. Deliver the correct amount of fertilizer real-time with the Green-Seeker­™ nitrogen sensor. Manage field leveling and field drainage with the FieldLevel II system. Easily perform prescription based rate control. Accurately monitor and map harvested crop yield and moisture with yield monitoring. Control your rate when planting, seeding, spraying, spreading and strip tilling with the FmX™ integrated display and Rawson™ variable rate drive. The Trimble FmX Integrated Display can pull all these together as well as guidance, mapping and other features into one sprayer management system.

The large number of choices of precision ag equipment can make choosing the right selection for your operation a daunting task. Wylie's precision ag specialists can help you select the right product for you and help you make sure it's working properly. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Trimble FmX Integrated Display. 



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