Trimble Trimble TMX-2050 Display


The Trimble TMX-2050 Display provides control, guidance, record-keeping, mapping -- all in one display. This precision ag display is the centerpiece of a full function system.

  • * Large 12.1" (30.8 cm) high-definition color touch screen display
  • * Tablet-like interface with customizable run screen, allowing users to move
  • and turn widgets on/off to meet their needs
  • * Rugged construction for everyday field use, meeting demands in harsh
  • environments
  • * One integrated GNSS receiver
  • * One integrated camera with support for an additional external camera
  • * Easy transferability between vehicles (less than five minutes) when
  • transfer kit is used

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You don't just work for yourself. You work to provide for your family, your community, and to feed your nation. You work hard. And smart. The Trimble® TMX-2050™ display lets you work even smarter. Take control of your entire operation with a system that gives you the clarity, certainty, and connectivity you need. Because your business is too important to leave to chance.

There are many choices of precision ag and control products. Wylie offers quality Trimble precision ag products as well as expertise. Wylie's precision ag specialists can help you select the right product for you and help you make sure it's working properly. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Trimble® TMX-2050™ display.


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