Wylie VersaTrakr Articulated Sprayer


The Wylie VersaTrakr sprayer covers your fields quickly with the Spray Wyng II spray boom. The VersaTrakr works well as an ag chemical sprayer or fertilizer applicator.

  • 1,250 gal. Full Drain Tank Combined With Wylie Hi-Speed Booms Cover The Acres Quickly
  • Choose From Spray Wyng II Boom or the Row Wyng Boom
  • Articulated Hitch Provides Superior Tracking In Row Crops
  • 100 gal. Fresh Water Tank, 15 gal. Mix N’ Fill Tank
  • Adjustable Axles From 80" - 120" or 120" - 160"
  • Loading Stand Easily Services Side Fillwell on Tank

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The Wylie VersaTrakr ag chemical sprayer is equipped with a 1,250 gallon tank that features an easy to access side fillwell and a full drain design. The Wylie VersaTrakr Articulated Sprayer can be fitted with the 60', 80' or 90' Spray Wyng II spray boom that is the new standard of excellence. The hydraulically cushioned articulated tongue guides the trailer tires in the same tracks as the tractor tires, resulting in less crop damage, even on tight irrigation circles. A standard spray trailer turns a shorter radius while the VersaTrakr Sprayer follows the tractor.

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural products. The Wylie VersaTrakr Sprayer allows you to spray your fields with precision by employing technology that uses even distribution of ag chemicals to provide efficiency; saving time and money. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie VersaTrakr Sprayer.

NOTE: The Wylie VersaTrakr should not be pulled behind a dual tracked or articulated tractor. Doing so can result in mechanical damage and/or failure of the sprayer. Use with a tracked or articulated tractor may void the warranty. The geometry of the VersaTrakr is designed for conventional wheeled tractors. The VersaTrakr will not accurately follow the tracks of a tracked or articulated tractor.

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