Wylie Vertical Tanks


Wylie Vertical tanks can be used as storage tanks for water, fertilizer, ag chemicals and many other non-petroleum fluids. One very popular use is as rainwater collection tanks.

  • Water storage for home or industrial use
  • Bulk storage of diluted farm chemicals
  • Irrigation pivot storage of 12 lb/gal fertilizer and other agricultural chemicals
  • Commercial/industrial storage of many other non-petroleum solutions
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Wylie Vertical Tanks are built with quality and durability in mind. The finest FDA approved resins molded into a 1.5 specific gravity (SG) tank, result in a tank that will perform year after year. Note: Wylie vertical tanks are not recommended for underground installation. Soil pressure from the sides and/or top can collapse the tank when it is less than full. Any underground installation requires a reinforced wall to prevent outside pressure on the tank. Some sizes of Wylie Vertical Tanks are available in 1.9 SG to hold heavy fertilizer (blue color). Capacities range from 200 gallons to 3,000 gallons. The vertical tanks are available in natural white, Wylie buff or "Algae Resistant" black. Standard features include a vented lid and a 2" bulkhead fitting with a siphon tube. 

Wylie has many styles of poly tanks for sale. The Wylie Polyethylene Vertical Storage Tanks are used in agriculture and industry for many non-petroleum applications. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Polyethylene Vertical Storage Tanks.

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