Wylie Vineyard Sprayer

The Wylie Vineyard Sprayer can deliver insecticide or fungicide through a full canopy in your vineyard.

  • Available in 200 gallon or 300 gallon sizes
  • Raven SCS450 automatic controller
  • PTO or hydraulic Ace pump
  • Gas engine driven blower
  • 6" channel iron frame
  • Torsion spring axle

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Are you looking for a high quality, heavy duty air delivery sprayer to apply insecticide and fungicide to your grape vineyard? The Wylie Vineyard Sprayer fits well into the operation of large and small vineyards with the 200 gallon or 300 gallon sizes. Equipped with a PTO or hydraulic Ace pump and a Raven SCS450 automatic controller, the Vineyard Sprayer can apply an accurate amount of spray solution at varying speeds. The variable speed fan with adjustable air diverters direct the airflow for full coverage in sparse foliage or full canopy. The custom designed volute provides equalized air flow to both sides while the 14 Conejet nozzles ensure thorough coverage. 

The Wylie Vineyard Sprayer can fit rows as narrow as 8', but powerful enough to penetrate full canopies on 11' rows. 

Wyle Vineyard Sprayers are built in Texas and marketed through the Wylie Spray Center system. You can be sure of local service, expertise and parts availability. 

Wylie offers an extensive array of ag spray products. The Wylie Vineyard Sprayer is a grape vineyard sprayer that can make your operaton more profitable. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Vineyard Sprayer.