Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson Wheel Loaders

Wacker Neuson wheel loaders are designed for the ag industry. Whether you have a fertilizer dealership, dairy, feedlot, grain elevator, or feed mill, the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders can be a key addition to your operation.

  • What do you need to do?
  • Blend fertilizer?
  • Stack hay bales?
  • Move grain?
  • Load/unload pallets?
  • Clean feed bunks?
  • Clean alleys?

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The Wacker Neuson WL34 and WL38 wheel loaders are designed specifically and exclusively for the fertilizer industry and the tough conditions that are found in blending plants. These loaders are designed for fertilizer, not dirt. The Wacker Neuson WL34 and WL38 include features such as:
• Tier 4 Final engines
Diamond coating to minimize corrosion
• Exclusive Kinematic system that keeps the bucket level during lift to avoide spilling fertilizer
• 73" Bradco bucket that is custom designed to handle fertilizer or grain efficiently
• Articulated design provides 4' turning radius  to minimize repositioning

The Wacker Neuson 8085T and 5055 wheel loaders work great in dairies, feedlots, and other operations where space is tight, terrain is varied, and conditions are harsh. The Wacker Neuson 8085T is equipped with a telescopic boom and features:
• Extended boom reach to 15'4"
• Tier 4 Final Deutz engine
• All wheel, 2 wheel or crab steeing
Diamond anti-corrosion coating
• 70" width for tight spaces

Wylie Implement offers the Wacker Neuson Wheel Loaders through our Implement or Spray Center stores in Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi, Plainview and Abilene. Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wacker Neuson Wheel Loaders.