Wylie Wind Guard Kit

The changing face of herbicide application in these days of chemical resistance require specialized equipment to prevent drift. The Wylie Wind Guard kit allow the confident application of Dicamba and other herbicides.

  • Mounts on 60' Wylie Spray Wyng II boom or 60' Spray Bar
  • Switch between hooded boom and standard boom with hand valves
  • Control both booms with same controller
  • Reinforced aluminum brackets and shields with poly skirts
  • Full fold and flex functionality with hoods

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The chemical resistance that has developed over the past several years has made weed control more challenging. Producers are searching for ways to confidently and safely apply herbicides such as Dicamba and 2,4-D. The Wylie Wind Guard kit can be mounted on the Wylie 60' Spray Wyng II boom or the 60' Spray Bar boom. The result is a fully functional 2-in-1 standard broadcast and hooded boom. Switch between the standard and hooded boom by a simple change of hand valves. 

The Wind Guard hood kit prevents chemical drift with aluminum hoods and poly skirts. Air injection nozzles further reduce the possibility of drift, making sure that the herbicide contacts only the target weeds and not your neighbor's crop. The performance of each nozzle under the hood are monitored with the standard equipment John Blue flow monitors.

The Wind Guard kits are constructed from reinforced aluminum brackets that are strong but light, aluminum hoods and poly skirts. They are mounted to allow full flex and fold functionality. They can be mounted on existing Wylie spray booms. 

Choose from the 60' Spray Wyng II boom on the 1,000 gal. spray trailer or the 60' 3 point Spray Bar. 

Wylie provides an extensive range of agricultural spraying products. The Wylie Wind Guard hooded sprayer kit allows you to confidently apply Dicamba and other herbicides without worry of crop damage in adjacent fields.  Request a quote on the link above or contact a Wylie representative for more information about the Wylie Wind Guard hooded sprayer kit.

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